class Line(N)

Bases: pyCTQW.MPI.ctqw.QuantumWalkP1

Performs and analyses 1 particle continuous-time quantum walks on an infinite line

Parameters:N (int) – an even number of nodes to initialize the walker with. Nodes are labeled \(j\in\{1-N/2,N/2\}\).


To create a CTQW Line object for a 10 node line,

>>> walk = pyCTQW.MPI.Line(10)

Method Summary

Line.createH([d, amp]) Generate the Hamiltonian of the graph.
Line.createInitState(initState) Generate the initial state of the quantum walk.
Line.destroy() Destroys the 1 particle quantum walk object, and all associated PETSc matrices/vectors.
Line.exportState(filename, filetype) Exports the final state of the quantum walk to a file.
Line.importInitState(filename, filetype) Imports the initial state of the quantum walk from a file.
Line.plot(filename) Creates a plot of probability vs node.
Line.plotNodes(filename[, t]) Creates a plot of the node probablities over time.
Line.propagate(t[, method]) Propagates the quantum walk for time t.
Line.psiToInit() Copies the state self.psi to self.psi0. Creates a handle that watches node probability during propagation.

Attribute Summary

Attribute Type Description
Line.psi0 petsc4py.PETSc.Vec() \(N\) element PETSc vector containing the initial state
Line.psi petsc4py.PETSc.Vec() \(N\) element PETSc vector containing the final state after the last propagation.
Line.H pyCTQW.MPI.ctqw.Hamiltonian() Hamiltonian matrix
Line.EigSolver pyCTQW.MPI.ctqw.EigSolver() The Hamiltonian eigensolver
Line.handle pyCTQW.MPI.ctqw.nodeHandle() A node handle, created if nodes are being watched for probability.