GraphISO.AllIsomorphicQ(folder, graphRange=None, info=True, checkSelf=False)

Calculates whether each pair of graphs (in a specified set of graphs) are isomorphic, returning an array \(R\) with \(R_{ij} = 1\) if graphs \(i\) and \(j\) are isomorphic, and \(R_{ij} = 0\) otherwise.

  • folder (str) – path to a folder containing a collection of adjacency matrices in dense text file format.
  • graphRange (array) – an array containing graph numbers to test. By default, all graphs in a folder are tested.
  • info (bool) – if True, information on each \(R_{ij}\) comparison is printed to the console.
  • checkSelf (bool) – if True, each graph is also tested against itself.
Return type:

array of ints


The text files must have filenames of the form *X.txt where X represents a number (of any number of digits). These are used to order the graphs.