pyCTQW ManualΒΆ

Contents Features
  • Fortran and Python bindings (in the form of a library and module respectively)
  • Supports MPI through the use of the PETSc and SLEPc high-performance sparse matrix libraries (CUDA support planned)
  • Has in-built support for infinite-line Hamiltonians
  • Can import custom adjancency matrices
  • Supports one, two and three continuous-time quantum walkers (with or without interactions)
  • Import and export matrices/states in binary or text format
  • Python module supports plotting and visualisation using matplotlib and networkx
  • Entanglement calculations
  • Ability to place diagonal defects/barriers on graph vertices
  • MPI graph isomorphism methods, for both 2 and 3 interacting particles
_images/2p_3cayley_nodes_particle1.png _images/1p_3cayley_graph.png _images/1p_sr_graph.png _images/2p_line_plot.png